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Officers of Ãdrenaline
Guild Info
ServerBurning Blade
Team Speak

Server: jcline.dyndns.org

Port: 9987

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What we're looking for:
1) Serious raiders who know how not to stand in fire, understand that GS is not equal to skill, and can have fun without being immature.
2) Casual players who are willing to come along for the ride when needed, with no commitment required/expected.

Why should you apply?
We provide a relaxed atmosphere for raiding - we are very interested in raiding, but we are more interested in ensuring that everyone has fun. This does not mean we are going to carry you! We expect you to pull your weight, but if you make a mistake, we won't crucify you.

Raid Times
Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:00 - 11:00 PM EST (Server Time)

Loot Rules
Loot council with specific guidelines on how to distribute loot. Speak to an officer for more information.

Hunter Hunter MEDIUM: Any spec
Rogue Rogue MEDIUM: Any spec
Shaman Shaman HIGH: Resto. Ele OS preferred.
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Ãdrenaline of Burning Blade

1. Fun But Serious
We are all here for a good time and to enjoy raiding so please be thoughtful to the progression and contribute to the easy flow of the raid. It's OK to joke around but don't slow the raid down to tell us your funny story. No swearing in vent or in raid/guild chat. We are all adults but we are not offensive ones. When the RL says it's time to move it's time to get focused at the task at hand.

2. Be Ready To Rumble
On progression raids you MUST be ready for first pull with all the flasks, potions and buff food you will need for the raid. All Gemming/Enchanting must be done before or after the raid. Once the raid begins there will be no trips to the bank to grab a gem. Please be respectful and be prepared.

3. Know your add-ons
-You MUST have either Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs.
-You MUST have a threat meter Omen or Recount threat.
-You MUST be on TeamSpeak to raid with us.

4. Spam is Food (kinda) And Is Not Something We Want In Raid Chat
Raid chat is reserved for raiding and occasionally you may want to type something funny or a note a quick observation. That's fine. What won't be tolerated is:
-That funny two-paragraph joke
-Endless chatter about a movie
-Macro'd fail truck/boat/bus pictures and the like
-Your awesome DPS on recount
Recount REALLY annoys people. Seriously don't use it unless asked to post by RL (which will never happen)

5. Know Your Fight
If you have not been to the fight before you are required to read up on the fight and learn as much about the mechanics and your role BEFORE we start the raid.

6. Know Your Loot
When it comes time for you to receive loot make sure you know what loot you need from each boss and set your own priority for whether you are going to roll on it. It really slows down the raid if everyone has to pause while you decide if it's an upgrade or not. Looting should not take long so please don't be the one who makes it longer.

7. Know Your Class
To raid you have to have better than a mild understanding of your class. We don't expect you to be the absolute greatest at your class but you need you to keep up with the raid. Our officers and guildies are always available if you have any questions. In fact we encourage you to use the resources as it shows us that you care about your role in the guild and your willingness to improve. If you are performing far below others consistently and are unable or unwilling to improve we may bench you until you are able to make positive changes. Of course flat out refusal to improve may be indicative of an attitude issue and will be dealt with separately.

8. Quick Recovery
If a wipe is called out - wipe it up. Don't ask for a rez. Simply force your character to die as quickly as possible and get back to the start of the fight and buff quickly. Not doing this makes raiding VERY slow and frustrating.The RL may also decide to chain pull through trash so be prepared to move through fast and fill up quick as we don't need you to be 100% for trash, don't expect people to wait. Please don't be the one that slows a wipe recovery down.

9. Take It Outside
If you have an issue with another raider or with a decision made by an officer or RL do NOT bring it up during raid. Our Officers would be more than happy to discuss any issues AFTER raid. Slowing down the raid to raise your issue will make you more enemies than you need and is HIGHLY frowned upon.
The raid leader has one job - to get the group through the content. Please be respectful of that fact and know your role in helping the group to accomplish that task. Alternative strategies are always welcomed after raid or if asked by the RL.

10. Positive Attitudes
The ones who are always on time, eager to progress, know the fight, don't cause problems and make pro-active selfless acts for the sake of the group are usually the ones we bring back to the next run. TRY AND BE THAT PERSON.

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    11/04/2010 10:31 AM
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    11/02/2010 03:43 PM
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    11/02/2010 01:09 PM
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    11/02/2010 05:36 AM
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    11/02/2010 12:10 AM
  • Çolgate I was here!
    11/01/2010 04:31 PM
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